Functional visuality have always been principle in the works of design office. Smart designs such as Central Panel, Parallel Covers, Indented Front Body, Inlet Globe Ring etc. brings out the difference of Novitious.

Central Panel

Control panel is positioned in the center of the machine and it is connected with bottom main panel through the outside of cylinder side walls. Bare structure is created by taking away the need of fittings on side body shells.

Parallel Covers

Outer body shell is designed in parts; these parts are connected with practically dismantable apparatus. These parallel covers have the feature of up-sliding system without overflowing to the front side. Parallel covers beside they can be opened quick and practically, it also allows quick access to the bearing module.

Strong Front Body and Inlet Globe Ring

Front body made up of strengthened profiles also makes the function of sound insulation. Thanks to the indented front design it gives easy adjustment opportunity and offers practical maintenance. Openable covers have easy dismantling feature and they are equipped with special kit mechanisms. Inlet globe ring which our company developed provides a strong handhold duty.

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